It’s Here

Just what is here you may be asking  ??…only the fantastic prize that was featured on One Creative Family  I’m sooo excited to be sharing this with you, firstly because it’s hand crafted by a very talented artisan, and secondly because I WON 🙂

So with no further ado here is my prize

Not only do I get a super bowl and mug cosy just look at the beautiful notelet I received

What a wonderful give-away, many a happy Autumn/Winter evening will be spent with my mug snuggled in it’s cosy, and the bowl cosy will be put in to use on a regular basis as soup season is on the horizon, as for the notelet I’m planning on framing it to display in my crafting den to remind me of this special day, and my fortune at being part of the outstanding blogging community here on WordPress, so thank you once again to One Creative Family for hosting the give-away, to have a piece of your work has warmed my heart x


A Winner And Sickness Etiquette

The lucky winner of the bright red crochet bag and primitive folk art rabbit

Congratulations Kate
Congratulations Kate

is …. Kate at Kateclippings   if you could be so kind to e-mail me your address, and I’ll get it posted to you

This time of year at ‘The Workplace’ is when colds / flu / norovirus and chest infections rise their ugly head, before long the staff take a hit, normally I either forgo the diseases or am the last to succumb .. this year I thought I’d take the opportunity to get in there early 😦

Obviously for this blog post we will all pretend I look like the one of the left OK
Obviously for this blog post we will all pretend I look like the one of the left OK

Now not many folks are aware there is an etiquette to illness let me explain

At the first sign of any illness take the bull by the horns and stock up on tissues, cough medicine, cold, flu pills or anything else that you will be requiring, take said medication then drape yourself on the sofa, this is the time you need to decide on which cult 70 -80’s TV show you will watch back to back – I’m undecided between The Love Boat and Fantasy Island both of which would normally never see the light of day on my viewing schedule

Take care only to sleep fitfully during the night, include lots of tossing, turning, deep sighing and add the occasional cough if you deem this to be appropriate, this will prompt  your nearest and dearest to put you out of your misery, on a cautionary note the judge will possibly take your partners pledge of not guilty, at which point your Beloved will be living it up on the insurance payout.

After hardly eating for a couple of days now is the time to have cravings for either soup or mash and gravy, after your loved ones has created your meal have 2 spoonfuls before declaring you are full and can eat no more, it is also perfectly normal to fancy something you don’t particularly like, when you try said food you realise you still don’t like it

The day before you fall ill make sure you buy something on-line that is just a smidgen too large to fit through the letterbox, that way you can drag yourself from your pit to answer the door to the Postie, you can answer the door clad in pj bottoms, a hoodie, socks, and fluffy dressing gown, a scarf is optional depending on how cold you feel OR if you are having a hot sweat you have the choice of a second outfit which will be a pair of socks, old lady pants, and vest top – a stain from your 2 spoonfuls of option at lunch is mandatory

The husky voice you are now the proud owner of .. you know that one you are wondering if you could take a job as a 0800 ‘Lady Of The Night’ call line operative isn’t as sexy as you imagine it to be – you actually sound like a 90 yr old sucking a lemon

Time you illness to coincide with your days off so as not to inconvenience anyone, that way you can look forward to your long stretch at ‘The Workplace’ safe in the knowledge that you have the housework to catch up on and it will be probably cold – raining the next time you are off

Follows these simple rules and your few days of fly by … at this moment in time I’m at the first stage, oh I have also have the foresight to place my on-line order, I’m popping pills in the attempt to ward off the inconvenient lurrgy



A Pay It Forward Give-Away

Quite a while ago I ordered some yarn from an on-line company I use quite regularly, they sent me part of the order saying to expect the rest shortly, a couple of weeks went by, nothing, so I dropped them an e-mail, they said it would be here in the next day or so, again nothing, I waited a couple of more weeks then dropped them another e-mail, oh yes it will be with you soon they said. All in all 2 months or more went past, by now feeling quite fractious I e-mailed a terse correspondence, the yarn arrived a couple of days later along with 7 balls of yarn as way of an apology – the ‘extra’ yarn was 1 ball of purple and 6 balls of in your face bright red … not sure if this ‘gift’  really was an apology or a take that Mrs P !!

Any-ways I got to thinking what on earth I could craft with my ‘bonus’ yarn so I made a start on this

Mmmmm when the yarn was in the package it looked a little more subdued, now I've started to crochet I'm not so sure it was a good idea !!
Mmmmm when the yarn was in the package it looked a little more subdued, now I’ve started to crochet I’m not so sure it’s a good idea !!

I’ve started so I’ll finish, oh my giddy aunt it’s going to be a tad  how shall I put it …vivid

So by you are possibly wondering where on earth I’m going with this ??  my idea is because I got this yarn for free why not craft a give-away, and here it is in all it’s *glory*

Mmmmm not everyone's colour combo granted
Mmmmm not everyone’s colour combo granted, this little gem could be used for a yarn/fabric storage ?? a gift for a child ?? I’m sure your toilet rolls will be quite at home interned in this creation  or you could just hide the darn thing away

This isn’t enough ?? well I also took the advantage to craft a primitive folk art rabbit,

This is Robin Rabbit, I'd like to think his simplicity and little heart button will creep into your affections
This is Robin Rabbit, I’d like to think his simplicity and little heart button will creep into your affections (the red is a better representation on the rabbit than on the bag – so you may be needing your sun glasses !!)

If this is for you leave me a comment and I’ll but the names in said bag and Beloved will draw out the winner on Saturday 17th October

Good luck …I think that’s the phrase I’m looking for 🙂