Beloved Helps

Beloved was given a simple task in the garden

ME “When you trim the ivy back please be careful of the satellite TV cable”

BELOVED “Obviously  ~ what kind of eejit do you think I am ?”

3 minutes later ….

Cut Cable
The satellite TV company will be out within the next few days to repair Beloveds handiwork

My Life With Moo

First of all I take my hat off to anyone whose household includes a child ~ you all deserve a medal .. goodness I’d forgot what to expect when Moo became a more permanent fixture in my life  ..time goes right out of the window even being super organised my day is 5 hrs shorter than anyone else’s  !!

This is so Moo
The questions, the constant chatter, the way he says “Grandma” at the beginning of every sentence ~ even if we are the only 2 folks in the room … I now have a pencil sharpener / rubber in my ‘essentials kit’ 

This afternoon I have to call into school as he has lost his shoes …yes you have read that right  HE HAS LOST HIS SHOES  how does a child even do that ????

Un be known to me Moo has taken it upon himself to train me as ….

green ninja
Do I need to be a Green Ninja ?? the training is gruelling let me tell you can’t I just be a Knitting Ninja ??

The good news is I have a story read to me each & every day and I’m learning far more about Ancient Egypt and WW2 than is strictly necessary ~ which I’m sure is a bonus I just haven’t figured out how yet … so this is why I’ve not commented on your blogs in recent weeks, I am still here & I’m still lurking reading your posts ~ which provide a respite to the world through the eyes of a 7 yr old, my blog will possibly become semi redundant which is a shame … but as another blogger pointed out I have the ‘Parents Race’ at sports day to contend with

1970's P E socks
Remember 1970’s P E socks ?? I’m sooo going to knit myself a pair ..I might not win any races but I’ll have the fashion stakes covered 🙂



New Direction And A New Skill

Sorry I’ve been away for ages …forgive me ?? so just what on earth have I been up to ?? Well funny you should ask grab yourself a cuppa and I’ll explain ~ the time was right for me to take a starring role in Gelfling Grandson’s life ..tongue in cheek quote – obviously his daddy has the starring role I’m more of your best female artist

I’ve never had a clue about the plot in my life ~but that has never stopped me 🙂

I now do virtually all the school runs, Moo stays with Beloved & I a couple of nights a week depending on 2nd Born’s work placements from his nursing uni course and I have altered my working life to school hours during term time only ~apart from every other weekend. Now for the really important news  ….I have taught myself to use dpn and have embarked on my first pair of socks !!!!

I have had an irrational fear of dpn since like forever, ~ get me learning something new LOL

I now feel like I’m leading some sort of incredible double life, learning something new AND having a youngster around  ….. which really gives you a whole new lease of life

Go on ask me anything about Star Wars or Sesame Street I dare you …I have them both covered 🙂




A Perplexing Case For Sherlock Holmes

A letter had been sent to 221B Baker Street London addressed to one Sherlock Holmes regarding a rather perplexing case ~ I was at a loss as to just what was occurring whenever I left The Cottage

Surely the greatest detective know to man would be able to help

What is the mystery you may or may not  be wondering …tis ‘The Case Of The Crumpled Sofa’

Who …What …Why is this happening to me ??

I asked other residents of The Tangled Backwoods but it transpires it’s only happening us !!  Anyhoo Sherlock duly arrived upon receipt of my cryptic note, he surveyed the scene, tutted, picked at a little black substance on the fabric of the sofa and declared case solved ….

It transpires ‘The Hound Of The Cottage On The Green’ strikes again !!

And NO K9 isn’t allowed on the sofa yet it appears he is making himself right at home


Neurotic Cat Has A New Bed

This is the follow up to my post  crochet emergency  ~ due to K9’s ‘episode’ of eating NC’s bed and not wanting to spend a  small fortune on a replacement I set to and began to crochet NC a new one, although the outer of the bed is blue

Blue isn’t really  NC’s colour so I need a brighter lining

While NC isn’t a tutu wearing kinda girl if you know what I mean ~ I still wanted to incorporate pink in the lining so I raided my yarn stash and this was the result

A sort of psychedelic 50 shades of pink affair 

I’m absurdly proud of this little impromptu flying by the seat of my pants project, while I don’t think now is the right time to throw caution to the wind and spend the rest of my life crocheting cats beds I will be adding this to my CV with an attached photo

And there you have it ~ one cool crochet cats bed

All I have to do now is prise NC off my bed to trail her own …. actually she looks so comfortable I’m sure tomorrow is soon enough for her to try her new bed for size  🙂



Crochet Emergency

K9 has been put on a maintenance diet …please read that as he was getting the backside the size of a small country sooo each day I’m faced with this …

Hahaha human I will take revenge now I’m being denied the crusts from your toast

He has taken to extreme measures to show his displeasure at being given a ‘light’ version of his regular food, to the point where he ate …yes you read that correctly ATE the bottom out of Neurotic Cat’s bed, I’ll not show any photos due to the violent nature of the incident.  Anyhoo off I pootled to get her a new bed OMGOODNESS how much ??? There is only one thing for it I’m just going to have to ..


Enough said I’m skipping into the blue yonder AKA my yarn hording room and I’m going to crochet her a bed

I’m sort of winging it and by the time I’ve done a girly pink lining I’m sure Neurotic Cat will be only too pleased to have her own bed again

Will it live up to NC exacting standards ? who knows I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Blanket Memories

Back in the day, ie when I was but a girl …(and NO Moo dinosaurs didn’t roam the earth when I was a child ~ but thanks for asking !) we didn’t have central heating, quilts were only to be found in hotels, and us mere mortals had sheets and blankets on our bed.

Not sure why all our blankets were striped but they were. In winter you had trouble turning over in bed as layer after layer of blankets were added to keep you warm

If you were poorly you were swaddled in a blanket on the sofa ..why go to bed you might miss something.

cat in blanket
A tradition Neurotic Cat still advises … in fact you don’t even have to be ill, just snuggle up anyway …photo taken from internet as Neurotic Cat values her privacy during cuddle time ~ she likes everyone to believe she a gangster cat

When I went out to play I was in charge of emergency supplies

In a bag that was roughly the same size as me we would have jam sandwiches, water in a glass bottle, and a huge blanket which we would use to make a den, sit on for lunch, lay on to watch the clouds, or gather under to tell each other stories

Just some of the reasons why blankets rule …this can also be used as a list for why I knit / crochet soooo many blankets, in my mind blankets mean love ❤