Do You Have A Handkerchief ?

Everyone I have come into contact with over the last couple of weeks has had a cold, after denying all offers to succumb, last week I thought what the heck bring it on, I’ll have your germs ….BAD IDEA ..yes I know it was free, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be- Beloved & I spend our evenings trying to outdo each other as we attempt to cough up a lung, even so I’m looking on the positive side

awesome not ill
Of course when your awake at some unearthly hour of the morning you get to thinking, and what you may wonder crosses my mind during these times ?? for me it’s been fabric

rabbit fabric
Have you seen this beauty ?? I’m going to have to buy some even though I have no imminent need for it ..but it’s best to be prepared right ??

Now back to the title of my post, while browsing through one of my old books I came across Prayer / Church Dolls, the same day I saw one on-line, I took this as a sign so Beloved & I had an amble around our local antiques shop where I brought home half a dozen vintage handkerchiefs, and here is my first attempt at making a Hush doll

Church Doll
Isn’t she simply adorable, she will be right at home at the cottage ..  plus I get to re purpose  BONUS