A Little Well Done To Moo & I

It seems FOREVER since I’ve been in Blogland, I do hope you are all fighting fit and at one with the world. While I’ve been missing I have been ever sooo busy, The Cottage On The Green renovations have been moving apace ~we have seen the light at the end of the tunnel and have carpets upstairs !! it’s only taken 10 yrs …yes you have read that right 10 YEARS to get this far LOL. Moo is changing bedrooms and I thought what better time to teach him a little DIY

Moo does DIY
Moo doing a fantastic job rebuilding his bed, his next job is to hoover up all the bits of carpet shredding’s LOL

Obviously I checked the bolts had been tightened but he did the rest himself 🙂

What else have I been up to ? studying of course

award ceremony
My good-self being awarded a ‘People Moving & Risk Assessment Key Trainer certificate’ by Councillor Bradwell ~Executive Councillor for Adult Care, Health and Children’s Services

Having passed my Train the Trainer in Moving & Handling ( Train the Trainer First Aid next) I have been offered the position of ‘Training Officer’ not just for the home I work at but for THE WHOLE COMPANY!!! OMGoodness I’m more than a little proud at my career growth ….and a touch surprised if the truth be told 🙂

If that wasn’t enough I’m surrounded by no less than 4 mum’s to be so have been sneaking in a little sock knitting for tiny people paws

little socks
Each pregnant lady will receive a couple of pairs of super cute socks ~ either gender specific or neutral depending on their preferences

I do hope not to leave it too long before I post again, thank you for calling by the cottage to keep me company x


Keeping K9 Busy

How to keep a 6 month old Rottweiler puppy busy and mentally stimulated can be a tricky business, after all he can only be walked so far at such a tender age, and although he partakes in a training session each day, it needs to be exciting and fresh or he’ll soon get bored and lose interest, so inventive thinking comes into play

Before you all throw your hands up in horror, this box doesn't contain chocolates which is poisonous to dogs !!!
Before you all throw your hands up in horror, this box doesn’t contain chocolates which is poisonous to dogs !!!

K9 likes nothing better than ripping things up and discovery games so I thought why not combine the two

I hid some dog treats inside each little compartment
I hid some dog treats inside each little compartment, which spilt all over so he then had to seek them out

So there you have it one happy, smug (NOT SO) little pup, who’s had a treat, thinks he stole a box, and got some fresh air all at the same time, and I got to peg my washing out without any “help”  ..  job done 🙂