For You Madame

Let me begin by going on the record stating how much I love my Beloved, now that all & sundry are aware of that fact let me move oh so swiftly on as my excitement levels are in major overdrive, when I say I get excited it’s a gross understatement I skip, my attention level is zero, I giggle, in other words I put a 3 yr old to shame with my carrying on,

I also ought to mention I’m seduced by glamour, romance and the bygone era, so just what has turned my head so much that Beloved felt compelled to buy me just to shut me up ??

Only a blooming 1938 Morris 8 series 2 no less

As if the car wasn’t enough …

Morris_8_ side view
It has a picnic basket ….A PICNIC BASKET …obviously that wasn’t the deciding factor for me wanting the car ….who am I kidding of course it was 🙂

There will be many a post to follow as I actually learn how to ‘drive’ the little beauty, and become a total vintage car geek …so consider yourself warned !!!