New Direction And A New Skill

Sorry I’ve been away for ages …forgive me ?? so just what on earth have I been up to ?? Well funny you should ask grab yourself a cuppa and I’ll explain ~ the time was right for me to take a starring role in Gelfling Grandson’s life ..tongue in cheek quote – obviously his daddy has the starring role I’m more of your best female artist

I’ve never had a clue about the plot in my life ~but that has never stopped me 🙂

I now do virtually all the school runs, Moo stays with Beloved & I a couple of nights a week depending on 2nd Born’s work placements from his nursing uni course and I have altered my working life to school hours during term time only ~apart from every other weekend. Now for the really important news  ….I have taught myself to use dpn and have embarked on my first pair of socks !!!!

I have had an irrational fear of dpn since like forever, ~ get me learning something new LOL

I now feel like I’m leading some sort of incredible double life, learning something new AND having a youngster around  ….. which really gives you a whole new lease of life

Go on ask me anything about Star Wars or Sesame Street I dare you …I have them both covered 🙂





Well Hello Lovely Yarn

I know this may be a little early to mention the Christmas word, but this year all my gifts are to be hand crafted, so I need to start now !!

Gelfling & Lady love (First Born's intended) gifts are going to be made with this super Drops Alpaca 4 ply yarn
Gelfling & Lady love (First Born’s intended) gifts are going to be made with this super Drops Alpaca 4 ply yarn

I have down loaded the first pattern (all 41 pages of it !!) and am raring to go, OK let me re-phrase that, I’m a little apprehensive as the first project has 58 motifs and I actually need to learn how to do an African flower pentagon, heptagon, triangle, octagon and square yet, so all I can say is ….it may be a long old haul, don’t wait up, and for all my blogging companions I’ll sign off with this message …

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