Feeling Sad

I don’t usually do ‘serious’ posts but this is an exception, I came home from ‘ The Workplace’ this afternoon, logged on, answered a few e-mails, checked a few blogs,and as I had a moment to spare thought I’d have a quick look in on FB, I knew straight away something wasn’t right by the amount of private messages awaiting me, my account has been hacked, a VERY EXPLICIT video proclaiming to feature my good self … (AS IF !!!!!!! ) has been sent to family, friends, work colleges & goodness knows who else. I’m fortunate enough to have some trustworthy friends who reported it for me,  I’m absolutely gutted, what has someone gained by doing this ?? Did the person who did it feel it’s just a laugh & that no one will be hurt ? Well I am hurt, I’ve deactivated all my accounts & feel isolated & in tears, I may be missing quite a while until I come to terms with such cruelty