A Upcycled Gift From Beloved

So it’s now decided I NEED a Niddy Noddy to re -skein my hand dyed yarn I was all set to storm march into town when Beloved informed me we have bit’s & bobs in his man cave to make a PVC pipe one ~ but before he could find the pieces there was some ‘stuff’ he needed to first…..with Moo’s help

Moo and protective mask
Apparently Moo needed a protective mask for the very important ‘man’s work’

Being the patient person I am ….. please read that as “Just get on with your project so I can get on with mine” I busied myself with a new yarn dyeing project & a little knitting ~ Beloved took an age then early evening announced ” I can’t find all the bits you need” perhaps you will have to go into town tomorrow after all  …a veil of disappointment descended.

This morning as I was wrestling into my coat to go into town Beloved came rushing into the cottage declaring “Ta Dah”

Not a vintage Niddy Noddy
He had only gone and crafted me a Niddy Noddy ~ upcycled from an old table leg and a couple of pieces of off cuts of wood

WOW not only is it reusing pieces from his man cave it actually looks like a vintage piece ~ I will be using it as a decorative item in my crafting den when not in use.

Heather Yarn plus Niddy Noddy
My Heather yarn has been re skeined ~ I thought it looked pretty good before ~ but now ?? WOW I’m doing a happy dance

Beloved has pointed out he has 3 spindles left should a Niddy Noddy be this years must have item ….. he’s not expecting a rush LOL




Yarn Update

For anyone who read my post on hand painting yarn  well my yarn had dried and now I’m ready for a ……


Seriously here is my yarn 🙂

Autumn Time hand painted yarn
I’m rather jolly pleased with the final product

Another shot ….. you know just because I can LOL

Autumn Time
It’s a 4 ply yarn, dyed with Jacquard Acid Dyes in Teal, Chocolate, Brown, Aztec Gold & Pumpkin

This is where I need your input ~ I’m undecided whether to name it ‘Autumn Leaf” or ‘Autumn Time’ …. or if you can recommend a suitable moniker I’m all ears. For anyone thinking of trying yarn dyeing for themselves give it a go ~ you have absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain ~ you will have a bespoke yarn that lets your creativeness shine and in my humble opinion there is no such thing as a yarn dyeing fail 🙂

Something new

I’ve been at a lost the last few weeks, sadness over K9 ( see previous post) then Beloved decided to partake of the Lurgy pre Christmas ….and well … seeing as it was free I decided I’d give in and try said Lurgy myself, I’ll not be so eager to share next time let me tell you !! So this left me feeling I ought to leave my comfort zone and try a little something I’ve not had a go at before YARN DYEING !!!!!!

Beloved did happen to mention I had a passing resemblance to a witch brewing up a storm ~ Jealousy must be such a terrible thing LOL

I needed a little inspiration so took to hunting through some of my photos and came up with this one

Anderby Creek
A winter coastal walk ~ the beach is approx. 30 miles from the cottage and we don’t go nearly as often as we should 

Now to turn this vision into a hand panted yarn extravaganza, much throwing of dye and holding of breath was involved to create this

Ta Dah my gorgeous ‘Shoreline’ hand painted yarn ….. a new obsession calls

Slow Going

My latest project has begun, as my confidence is growing with crochet I thought I’d give another blanket a whirl, firstly because I LOVE BLANKETS and secondly repeating row after row of stitches really fixes them into my scatterbrain. The blanket I’m trying I found at Cherry Heart here is a sneak  peek at my version,

Sweet Nothings Blanket
I’m going to name this clamshell stitch blanket ‘Sweet Nothings’ by the way it is perfectly normal to name your blankets isn’t it ??

This isn’t a difficult stitch ~ if it was I’d have given up by now .. BUT  I have found fault in the equation of time, it doesn’t take into account slow projects !!! I spend hours crocheting away, apart from fitting in specific K9 feeding times ~ I can set the clock by him demanding his food !! then of course there is  Neurotic Cat whom I’m a slave to, the mandatory showing my face at ‘The Workplace’ not to mention

Enough said on this one

And other numerous interruptions too boring to mention, may be this is why when I retrieve my blanket it isn’t growing … well not very fast !! my yarn is decreasing, but just where is it going ?? I think I have a ‘Yarn Elf’ who is unravelling my blanket and is stealing my yarn for her very own project ~ I think somewhere in ‘Middle Earth’ there is one very busy ‘Yarn Elf’ crafting up a storm !!

By the way as soon as I find my way to ‘Middle Earth’ I’m moving in






Pretty Maids All In A Row

My little arms have been like bees wings as I’ve worked on my ‘Pretty Maids All In A Row’ blanket. The weather in Lincolnshire has ranged to full on spring sunshine, to rain, to down right grey damp autumnal dullness, during the latter I took refuge in my modest little project.

Row upon row
Row upon row of delicate little blooms were brought to life, I have to admit to having a soft spot for this crochet stitch.

I was slightly umming and erring about the boarder though!! I felt the pattern was ‘busy’ enough so in the end just stuck with a plain one, so with out further ado my ta dah moment

Baby blanket
What a delightfully girly blanket, I’m sure it would look oh so fabulous in a cot /crib or even as a lap blanket for us grown ups 🙂

Now the photo shoot continues with an full of frontal shot LOL

Finished blanket
I think ‘Pretty Maids All In A Row’ sums it up perfectly

All I have to do now is list in my Etsy Store in the hope someone loves it as much as I do.

PS Don’t tell Beloved but more yarn is winging it’s way to the cottage for another project LOL



A Pay It Forward Give-Away

Quite a while ago I ordered some yarn from an on-line company I use quite regularly, they sent me part of the order saying to expect the rest shortly, a couple of weeks went by, nothing, so I dropped them an e-mail, they said it would be here in the next day or so, again nothing, I waited a couple of more weeks then dropped them another e-mail, oh yes it will be with you soon they said. All in all 2 months or more went past, by now feeling quite fractious I e-mailed a terse correspondence, the yarn arrived a couple of days later along with 7 balls of yarn as way of an apology – the ‘extra’ yarn was 1 ball of purple and 6 balls of in your face bright red … not sure if this ‘gift’  really was an apology or a take that Mrs P !!

Any-ways I got to thinking what on earth I could craft with my ‘bonus’ yarn so I made a start on this

Mmmmm when the yarn was in the package it looked a little more subdued, now I've started to crochet I'm not so sure it was a good idea !!
Mmmmm when the yarn was in the package it looked a little more subdued, now I’ve started to crochet I’m not so sure it’s a good idea !!

I’ve started so I’ll finish, oh my giddy aunt it’s going to be a tad  how shall I put it …vivid

So by you are possibly wondering where on earth I’m going with this ??  my idea is because I got this yarn for free why not craft a give-away, and here it is in all it’s *glory*

Mmmmm not everyone's colour combo granted
Mmmmm not everyone’s colour combo granted, this little gem could be used for a yarn/fabric storage ?? a gift for a child ?? I’m sure your toilet rolls will be quite at home interned in this creation  or you could just hide the darn thing away

This isn’t enough ?? well I also took the advantage to craft a primitive folk art rabbit,

This is Robin Rabbit, I'd like to think his simplicity and little heart button will creep into your affections
This is Robin Rabbit, I’d like to think his simplicity and little heart button will creep into your affections (the red is a better representation on the rabbit than on the bag – so you may be needing your sun glasses !!)

If this is for you leave me a comment and I’ll but the names in said bag and Beloved will draw out the winner on Saturday 17th October

Good luck …I think that’s the phrase I’m looking for 🙂

So Far So Good

I’m not doing too badly on my African flower crochet project, and it’s all made with yarn from my stash which is a bonus,

I opted for sewing my pieces together, I'm saving the crochet as you go method for when I have some more ink
I opted for sewing my pieces together, I’m saving the crochet as you go method for when I have some more ink for the printer to be able to print the tutorial off

If your wondering what Beloved & K9 get up to while I craft away here’s a little snap shot

Beloved was engrossed in the TV while K9 never and I repeat NEVER misses a photo opportunity
Beloved engrossed in the TV, I’m not even sure he noticed I’d taken this photo !! while K9 never and I repeat NEVER misses a photo opportunity, where he popped up from goodness only knows

With any luck I’ll be revealing what I’ve cobbled together by the end of the week 🙂